Dave Chappelle's Former Weed Delivery Guy Discusses His Influence On 'Half Baked'

It's hard for celebrities to run everyday errands, let alone pick up a dimebag now and then. So when comedians like Dave Chappelle begin to take off, they also start depending on people like John Joseph to handle their weed deliveries.

"I used to deliver pot to all the rap stars," Joseph told Joe Rogan recently. "My friend...Matt used to work for Tristar. He said, 'Yo, meet me at the Boston Comedy Club. There's this black comedian there and he's gonna be fucking huge.'"

That comedian turned out to be Dave Chappelle, who not only compensated Joseph for his services but also immortalized him in cannabis culture by using him as the basis for a character in the iconic stoner comedy 'Half Baked.'

"When he did 'Half Baked,' did you notice that he put the weed delivery guy in all bike gear?" Joseph said. "Where the fuck do you think he got that from? I used to show up with a $4000 carbon fiber frame and I had black water bottles. And all the weed bags was in the two water bottles. So it just looked like I was a cyclist out on a motherfucking ride."

Unfortunately, Chappelle dropped Joseph's thick New Yorker accent from the weed delivery guy in 'Half Baked.' But you can check it out in this clip.


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