Wicked, Spooky Halloween Microbrews

What better with which to raise a toast to All Hallows' than a dark, bold craft beer?

These 4 totally Goth microbrews are guaranteed to set you up for a wicked Halloween: jury's still out, however, on how well they pair with candy corn and mini-Kit-Kats.

Alban Elved - Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel. Fresh hops ale. 5%.

Alban Elved, "The Light of the Water," was the day in late September when the sun began to wane and the dark half of the year drew near. According to Montreal brewery Dieu du Ciel, "this balance in nature presented a powerful time for magic. To the ancients, this was a sacred time. [...] From the Summer to the Winter Solstice, they would hold festivals for the God - who was seen as a dark, threatening being." Considering the brooding moniker, this hoppy cask ale is as refreshing and crisp as a fall wind.

Lugosi - Phantom Carriage. American wild ale. 12.8%.

Named for horror icon Bela Lugosi, this high-ABV brew from the haunted cellar of Phantom Carriage is an opaque, super-dark orange-brown with a foamy, dark khaki head. Tastewise, Lugosi is sour with dark fruit flavors and mild acidity. If you're in Carson, Calif., the brewery - named for the 1921 classic Swedish horror film - invites you to pay further homage to Bela at their scary movie screenings and spooky trivia nights.

La Fin Du Monde - Unibroue. Triple-style golden ale. 9%.

This apocalyptic brew, the name of which translates to "End of the World," has more medals and honors than any other Canadian beer. Its light, pumpkiny color and creamy, fluffy white head precede a punch of fruit and spices - surprising for such a high ABV brew. La Fin du Monde's flavor profile is full of pepper with apricots and lighter fruits throughout. Sweet and smooth, it leaves a slight spine-tingling sensation in its wake.

Mephistopheles - Avery. Imperial stout. 15%.

Aptly-named for a brew with a higher ABV than some wines: Mephistopheles was the second fallen angel, and the crafty shape-shifter in Faust. Complex, coal black, velvety and liqueurish, this demon "has a bouquet of vine-ripened grapes, anise and chocolate covered cherries with flavors of rum-soaked caramelized dark fruits and a double espresso finish," according to Avery. It also cellars beautifully, says Justin Kennedy of Saveur, who also attests it "can stand up to the darkest of dark chocolates without blinking an eye." Try the final instalment of "The Demons of Ale" series with a bar of your favorite dark chocolate - 60% cocoa or more is best. Brewed once a year in Boulder, Colorado.

h/t Saveur


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