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Danny McBride Owes His Career To Running Out Of Weed One Fateful Night

Actor Danny McBride hit mainstream success after appearing in shows like 'Eastbound and Down' and movies like 'Pineapple Express.' But none of that would've happened if he hadn't been out of weed one fateful night.

The incident occurred on McBride's first day of college at the North Carolina School of the Arts. Upon realizing he was sans stash, McBride decided to team up with his new neighbor (and future collaborator) Jody Hill and search their new surroundings for a cannabis connection.

"I met Jody the first night there," McBride recently told Rolling Stone. "Both of us didn't know anybody – but we were both wondering where we would get weed. [Laughs] So the first night, I went on some journey with him to try to find weed at our new school, then we smoked it together. It was a lifelong friendship after that."

And it turned into a business partnership when Jody got the idea to make McBride, who wanted to be a director, appear in front of the camera instead.

"Jody was like, 'Why don't we write something together for you to act in?' We felt at the time, just because I was in a movie, maybe that would help us get it made. That was when we started talking about 'Foot Fist Way.' We wrote that script, went back to North Carolina, shot it and our careers took their next step from there."

That next step took a while to make though. 'The Foot Fist Way' wallowed in obscurity for a while until some influential comedians stumbled upon it and took notice of McBride and Hill.

"[W]e got the call one day that Will Ferrell and Adam McKay had started a production company," McBride explained. "They saw the film and wanted to meet with us. Just the idea that those guys had even seen that thing blew our minds. Then I got invited to meet with Judd Apatow on the set of 'Knocked Up.'...I met Seth [Rogen], [Jason] Segel, Jay Baruchel ... all those guys. Next thing you know, Judd invites me to his trailer, those guys are all in there – and they'd been watching 'The Foot Fist Way.' They're quoting it back to me. It was the craziest thing. I called Jody and was like, "Dude, you've got to get down here. These guys have all seen the movie."

Thinking back on that turn of events is surreal to McBride because of how fast he went from getting high and watching his favorite actors on DVD to acting alongside them onscreen.

"I went from waiting tables to, six months later, acting with Owen Wilson in 'Drillbit Taylor,' acting with Ben Stiller in 'The Heartbreak Kid,' doing 'Tropic Thunder' with Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr., Tom Cruise. Literally, a year earlier, I was stoned on my couch watching these motherfuckers on my TV. Now I'm being thrown into scenes with them. It was crazy. It really was just a matter of just not getting in your own head about things."

Now he's switching from comedy to his first cinematic passion — horror. McBride co-wrote a reboot of 'Halloween' that will hit theatres this fall. Here's his take on Michael Myers.


h/t Rolling Stone


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