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Danny McBride Used To Get Paid 'A Case Of Beer And A Quarter Of Weed' To Act Onscreen

The 2007 stuntman movie 'Hot Rod' is a pretty forgettable comedy, but it was a major turning point in the career of Danny McBride.

"This was the first film I had ever participated in where I wasn't paid with a case of beer and a quarter of weed," McBride told Seth Meyers earlier this week. "It was the first real pay check. It was incredible."

But he probably regretted not having weed around when the film got lambasted by critics. McBride and co-star Bill Hader couldn't make the premiere, so they made the regrettable decision to spend opening night reading reviews of the film instead.

"Bill and I were both in 'Tropic Thunder,' so we were in Kaua'i filming, and we were going to miss the premiere of 'Hot Rod.' And we were really bummed because that film was so special for us. We really did love working on that film. And Bill and I were like, 'Why don't we just crack some beers and read some reviews on opening night?' We got through about four or five of them and were like, 'You know what, this is the worst idea. We should never have read any of these."

But McBride stands by the film to this day. "That movie I really do think is brilliant. And I don't really use that word often — because I don't know how to spell it."

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