Daniel Day-Lewis Has 'The Worst Taste In TV,' Says P.T. Anderson

Three-time Academy Award winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis is one of the best film actors of his generation, but his taste in television sucks, according to director P.T. Anderson.

"He has, honestly — for the world's greatest actor — the worst taste in television," Anderson, who directed Day-Lewis in the new movie 'Phantom Thread' — told Jimmy Kimmel yesterday. The 'Lincoln' actor's small-screen tastes include 'Project Runway' and another reality series that he became addicted to recently.

"He was particularly obsessed a few years ago with 'Naked and Afraid,'" Anderson said. "He would say, 'Oh, you've got to see 'Naked and Afraid.' Each week he'd tune in."

Check out the clip above for more.


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