Dallas Cowboys Player Calls Out 'Bullshit' NFL Marijuana Policy After Being Suspended Indefinitely

Last week, it was reported that Dallas Cowboys defensive end David Irving was suspended indefinitely after violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. While the specifics of his violation were not available, a recent social media post by Irving shed some light on the situation. 

Reporter Bobby Belt screengrabbed one of Irving’s recent Instagram stories, and shared it on Twitter:

"HMU [Hit me up] if this passes," reads his message, posted over an NFL logo covered in weed leaves. He also tagged sports social network uStadium in the post. 

The Instagram story is in response to a recent post from the uStadium page about the NFL's attempts to "make concessions" to their cannabis policy. Irving also commented on the post, calling out the NFL's hypocrisy on the issue, saying it was "bullshit" that he "can't smoke the same weed the staff itself smokes."

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It’s pretty clear that Irving is tired of the NFL’s stance on cannabis. And he isn’t alone - former players like Ricky Williams, Kyle Turley, Eben Britton and Nate Jackson, have all spoken out against the league’s ban on cannabis. Proponents of ending the marijuana ban cite its safety compared to addictive opioids, and its usefulness in treating concussions, among other benefits.

As ‘Around the NFL’ writer Jeremy Bergman points out, this is the third suspension of Irving’s career, and the Dallas Cowboys do not intend to re-sign him. 

Banner Image: Ronald Martinez / GettyImages


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