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Dallas Cowboys David Irving Speaks Out Against The NFL’s Cannabis Ban

Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman David Irving has finally spoken about getting suspended for using cannabis.

Back in June the team announced that Irving would be suspended for the first four games of the season for violating the NFL's drug policies, and that he would be attending mandatory rehab. For a while, fans had no idea what Irving had done, but he cleared the air about the incident last Friday via Instagram, where Irving explained that he "got suspended for weed."

"These guys prescribe me Xanax bars, Ambien, and pain killers," Irving wrote in response to a comment on his Instagram post accusing him of squandering his talent. "I'd much rather smoke weed than take all that lab made shit."

As with many other profession athletes, Irving appears to have turned to cannabis as an alternative to relying on dangerous opioids to treat the many injuries he's sustained throughout his career.

"You run into someone else full speed 60 times n see how your body feels. What would you do? Drink? Percocets? Tylenol? I chose the more natural and safer route," Irving said in the post.

And while Irving said he would abide by the rule's drug policies moving forward, he also condemned the NFL's outdated marijuana policies.

"I understand no matter how fucked up the rules are, I have to follow them," said Irving. "But don't get it confused. Weed isn't a problem."

Lets just hope that Irving's new outspokenness doesn't land him in contract limbo with players like Mike James, who hasn't found a new team to play for since asking the NFL to grant him an exemption from the league's strict ban on medical marijuana.

H/T: Blogging The Boys


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