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'I Have Watched This Industry Unfold And Bring Value To Schools, Parks And Even Wildlife Conservation' - Dakota Wesley, President of Resolution

Twenty-three year old Dakota Wesley is already a successful cannabis entrepreneur. Since launching his company Resolution in 2015, Wesley has reached several significant benchmarks, selling 100,000 units reaching 2,000+ stores across all 50 states as well as Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Netherlands, Australia, Argentina, Brazil and the Virgin Islands. His mission: make cannabis glassware cleaning environmentally-friendly, easy and fun.

Resolution’s newest offering is ResGel, a resealable pouch of non-toxic, clay-based cleansing formula designed for convenience. Users simply tear off the top of the package, drop in resinated stems, nails and pipes, and then shake briefly until clean. Everything is self contained, making ResGel great for home use and on-the-go.

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Tell us about your typical day.
It starts off with me rolling over as the sun is rising. I like to wake up as the world does. I check my phone to respond to emails for 20 to 30 minutes in bed. Then, I’ll usually head down the hall to my office for the more serious messages to be sent. I usually work from there with coffee and possibly a wake and bake session for the next several hours. Around 12 pm, I leave for my office which is in north Denver after missing traffic. Once there, I have a sales meeting with my account managers. We make sure we are hitting our weekly goals and if not we figure out why we are not. I usually have more emails at this point in the day, 3 to 5pm, as I also help pack orders with the guys in the office. I come home usually around 7pm, excited to see my doggo Huck. Often, I’ll roll a joint and go for a walk around the Highlands here in Denver where I live. My nights can be restless because I am a bit of a night owl. I like to work late and that's usually when my more creative side comes out allowing us to expand in R&D as well as strategic marketing ideas.

What's the biggest misconception about the marijuana industry?
People misconceive who the end consumer actually is—the typical cannabis consumer in 2017 is usually an advocate for medicinal reasons. Whether they are consumer for anxiety, depression or wellness, I believe this life-saving plant is every bit more powerful and healing than prescription pills. The people consuming on a day-to-day basis are functioning, often successful people who need this in the same way others rely on Big Pharma.

What's one prediction you have for the marijuana industry five years from now?
Growing up in Colorado all 23 years of my life, I have watched this industry unfold and bring value to schools, parks, and even wildlife conservation. I believe we will see this pattern state-to-state.

What is one change you'd like to see happen in the cannabis industry?
I would like to see the industry evolve the way the alcohol industry has evolved. I would like to see leaders in this industry set a culture that everyone who consumes cannabis can be proud of backing.

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What's your perfect setting to consume? (place, music, food, etc.)
There are many scenarios where I feel at peace with cannabis. I think this has a lot to do with my anxiety, since cannabis helps with that. My favorite place and time is with my dad, fishing. I am able to lay out my thoughts with him and it's a positive experience for me every time.

What is your go-to munchie?
I love beer-battered french fries more than any human on earth.

What's your favorite way to consume cannabis?
Through clean glass, specifically glass water pipes. This should come as no surprise since clean glass is what Resolution stands for, but every night we smoke out of water pipes that looks like we bought it them that day.

Name something that you've tried once but won't ever try again.
Xanax is my least favorite thing about my generation. Before I understood that cannabis calmed me down, I tried the prescription drug in college and I've never felt so “blah” about myself. It made me feel very down and upset.

Tell us the story of the first time you consumed marijuana.
I smoked it when I was 15. We watched Superbad four times that night.


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