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Dabbing Is Healthy. Just Ask This Organic Concentrates Company

While those yet uninitiated to dabbing may be intimidated by the equipment that comes part-in-parcel with smoking dabs, Adam Jacobs - Director of Sales for the California-based concentrates company 710 Labs - believes “dabbing is in many ways the healthiest way of consuming cannabis."

"With our product, most of it has zero plant matter, carcinogenic mater,” Jacobs told Civilized.

What drives 710 Labs is a passion for maintaining the beauty and integrity of their highly crystallized flowers as they transform from plant to oil. The company offers five different kinds of concentrates, including their sauce, badder and resin sugar, which are filled with crystals that feel, look, and smoke luxuriously.

“Sauce is the mother of badder and resin sugar,” explained Jacobs, “Because it has those big diamonds. Sauce is diamonds in a jelly. Sugar is a bunch of little diamonds that look like applesauce.”

StackedPNWOG OnDabber WHITE

The difference between these three solvent concentrates, according to Jacobs, is essentially just the consistency.

These beautiful concentrates are notable not only for their fun appearance and feel, but also for the clarity of their high. This, according to Jacobs, is achieved by a process that starts as early as the plant takes bloom. The company uses what’s called a “Living soil” to grow.

“We don’t have to continuously buy soil, and buy planting materials,” Jacobs explained.  “We have earthworms living in there. We let clover and trimmings fall down and compost into the actual soil. And we feed our plants with composts — fruits and vegetables and whatnot. We also use tea leaves instead of pesticides.”

This process, according to Jacobs, is where their plants derive their “happy” outlook, which translates to a better flavor to be enjoyed by the consumer.

“People always say wild meat just feels like a better meat. A wild grown vegetable is going to be tastier. This is the same thing.”

Once the organically grown plant is ready to be harvested, the team at 710 Labs preserves its freshness and vitality by immediately flash freezing it. This process, explained Jacobs, “Keeps that cannabis plant in the same essence that it had when it was alive.”

When it is time to reduce the cannabis to its essence by removing the unnecessary and unhealthful plant matter, the team at 710 Labs uses a process that separates the cannabinoid-dense crystals from the stalks and leaves of the plant, thus creating two substances — its terpenes and its THC, the combination of which preserves everything that the original plant had to offer (unlike distillates, which generally do away with many of the plant's pre-existing cannabinoids.)

It's important to preserve all of the existing cannabinoids, says Jacobs, because that is how humans are able to enjoy cannabis in its most optimized state. “Often times, for example, a high THC plant will also have a lot of CBD, which takes away the sharp edge of the THC. That’s how amazing cannabis is. It fixes itself.”

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It is important to note, says Jacobs, that while dabbing can be one of the safest and most pure ways to glean the benefits cannabis yields, it should always be done at a temperature between 400 and 680 degrees Fahrenheit. Doing this helps prevent the potentially dangerous process of smoking terpenes that have been burned until they take a more harmful form. It also prevents consumers from burning away the plant's useful cannabinoids, which burn at lower temperatures.

Newer dabbers or those who are not accustomed to regulating temperature can easily keep an eye on the heat of their concentrates by avoiding smoking while the product appears to be sizzling. What you want, according to Jacobs, is for your concentrate to look like it is boiling instead.

Beyond offering a healthier smoking experience, the entourage effect that occurs when all of the cannabinoids are smoked together in a temperature-controlled dabbing session allow for a more focused, level, upbeat high. “People who low-temp dab are the connoisseurs. We just want to feel great all the time instead of being blasted. You’re productive. You can do stuff.”  

That stuff apparently includes clever wordplay. If you haven't noticed yet, the company chose the name 710 because it spells “OIL” upside down. 


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