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Cynthia Nixon Pledges To Legalize Marijuana In New York

New York could become the next state to legalize marijuana if Cynthia Nixon wins the state's gubernatorial election this fall. The former 'Sex in the City' star came out in favor of legalization last week at a private fundraiser. 

When an attendee asked Nixon about legalizing marijuana during the event, the Democratic candidate "pumped her fist and said yes," according to editor and writer Dan Davenport, who attended the fundraiser hosted by writer/actor Isabel Gillies in her Upper West Side home. “She was very exuberant about that point,” Davenport told The New York Times.

Gillies corroborated Davenport's account by telling the Times that Nixon has pledged to “legalize marijuana and put a tax on it.”

But first, Nixon needs to beat Democratic incumbent Andrew Cuomo, who is seeking a third term as governor of New York. Although Governor Cuomo legalized medical marijuana in New York in 2014, he's been hesitant to support recreational marijuana. His reluctance could be Nixon's gain since 56 percent of New York voters support legalizing recreational marijuana, according to a recent poll from Siena College.

The primary will be held on April 19th, so Nixon could celebrate her victory by hosting a 4/20 sesh right after the event. But she'll need to tweak the snack menu first. At last week's event, Nixon's camp passed around carrots and pita chips as snacks for hungry attendees. So if Nixon wants to tap into the pro-marijuana vote, she needs to up her munchies game. These THC-infused, chocolate-coated, bacon-flavored chips oughta do it.


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