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Cynthia Nixon Garners Controversy for Saying Marijuana Legalization Could Be 'Reparations'

Cynthia Nixon's earned plenty of good press for supporting marijuana legalization as part of her campaign for governor of New York. However, a recent remark related to cannabis has landed her in hot water.

Nixon discussed her support for marijuana legalization with Forbes magazine, and discussed how the industry could help right some of the wrongs from the War on Drugs and its effects on minority communities. She said she wanted to prioritize people who have been harmed by prohibition in licensing for the industry when she made the following comment:

"We (must) prioritize them in terms of licenses. It's a form of reparations," Nixon said.

The use of the word "reparations" was not well-received by many.

Rev. Al Sharpton tweeted, "I'm for legalizing marijuana and I like Cynthia Nixon but putting pot shops in our communities is not reparations."

Manhattan Manhattan Democratic Party Chairman Keith Wright said Nixon's comment was "ill-informed, lacks understanding of the greatest crime in history, and should cease and desist."

Black Lives Matter of Greater NY criticized the comment and called it "offensive and ignorant" and called on Nixon to apologize.

While it does not appear Nixon has apologized for the comment, she did take to Twitter to clarify what she meant. She said that she meant legalizing marijuana would help fix some of the damage caused by the War on Drugs, and stated that she didn't mean it would repair the damage done by slavery and Jim Crow laws.

However, Nixon's clarification may be too little, too late. She was already running an uphill battle against incumbent New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, with most people giving her little chance to win the Democratic primary. Now the one issue that's garnered a lot of attention for her campaign, marijuana legalization, has also pushed some of her supporters away.

(h/t New York Daily News)


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