Cynthia Nixon is Making Marijuana a Central Part of Her Campaign for New York Governor

Actress Cynthia Nixon is challenging New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for the Democratic nomination in next fall's election, and it appears the Sex and the City star is making marijuana legalization a cornerstone of her campaign.

Yesterday, Nixon posted a video where she encouraged the state to legalize marijuana and made the issue her first policy plank of her campaign. She specifically said she wanted to do so to fix racial inequalities caused by the War on Drugs.

Marijuana is one issue where Nixon can gain some traction on Cuomo. The two Democratic candidates will probably agree on most issues, but Cuomo has said in the past he does not support legalizing marijuana. However, he does seem to be coming around on the issue, as earlier this year he commissioned a study on the issue. So perhaps he's preparing to embrace legalization as well.

While Nixon's candidacy has gained attention online, most people believe she's facing an uphill battle in this race. 66 percent of New York Democrats say they'd vote for Cuomo in a primary, compared to only 19 percent for Nixon.

Some believe Nixon's support for marijuana could help her attract African-American voters, particularly considering how she's framing the issue as a criminal justice problem. 77 percent of African-American voters say they'd vote for Cuomo, so Nixon will need to find ways to help get more support from those communities. 

Even if Nixon doesn't win the nomination, hopefully her campaign will help motivate Cuomo to embrace more progressive ideals, such as marijuana legalization.

(h/t New York Times)


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