Cynthia Nixon Asks Her Supporters to Donate $4.20 After Promoting Marijuana Legalization

Former Sex and the City star and current Democratic candidate for New York governor Cynthia Nixon has embraced marijuana legalization, and now she's hoping cannabis fans will support her campaign.

After releasing a video on Wednesday where she officially called for the legalization of marijuana in New York, Nixon said her campaign received a ton of donations for $4.20. So she and her campaign decided to issue and challenge and see if she could receive 1,000 donations for $4.20 in 24 hours.

Nixon first endorsed marijuana legalization at a private dinner last week before making the stance official in a video her campaign released on Wednesday. The issue is one of the biggest differences between herself and her Democratic opponent incumbent New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo has repeatedly said he doesn't want to legalize recreational marijuana, but he did recently commission a study to examine the effects if the state were to do so. It's possible that pressure from progressives and people like Nixon are convincing him to possibly evolve on the issue.

Many progressives and liberals are unsatisfied with Cuomo's reign as governor, who's seen as a more moderate Democrat, which is what spurred Nixon to run for the nomination. Despite the attention here campaign's received online, most polls show her trailing Cuomo by nearly 50 points. With only a little over two months before New York's primary, Nixon's going to need to start turning that buzz into votes.

(h/t The Hill)


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