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This Cutting-Edge Pipe Uses The Same Technology As Jet Planes

A few years ago, a group of would-be entrepreneurs drilled a hole in computer processor’s cooling block and smoked a bowl out of it.

This would turn out to be the first draft of the Genius Pipe.

The high-tech smoking device has been called many things since its inception. From the future of smoking to a leader in smoking devices, reviews across the board have praised the Genius Pipe’s super-smooth functionality and sleek design.

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So, what is it that makes the Genius Pipe so ingenious? 

It’s the same thing that made that rudimentary smoking sesh so revolutionary.

It’s called dimple technology, and it’s used in everything from golf balls and supersonic jets to fuel efficient cars and even nuclear power plants. 

In the Genius Pipe, it’s implemented as an interior grid of hundreds of dimples. When the pipe is smoked, each dimple creates tiny vortexes of air that both transfer heat out of the smoke and filter out tars and resins.

“This technology is the most efficient cooling block on the planet for any kind of fluid,” Genius Pipe marketing director Steve Butz tells Civilized, adding that the pipe’s dimple technology is patented. “It’s used with liquid in cooling computer processors and nuclear reactors, but in this case, we’re cooling the heated air from the bowl of the pipe.”

What all this means for the user of the Genius Pipe, says Butz, is a smoother, cooler, and overall healthier smoking experience. 

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“If the pipe is used properly, there is no coughing,” he says. “That means you’re actually able to inhale more smoke volume with less irritation.”

The pipe itself is made out of ceramic-coated aluminum, which Butz calls “the best metal as far as heat transfers go.” This composition makes it virtually indestructible, he adds.

“It’s very, very durable. With decent care it should last forever.”

Beyond all this, what really gives the Genius Pipe its edge over the competition is its “striking” appearance, says Butz. Oft described as the ‘iPipe’, it almost looks more like a smartphone than it does a smoking device. The original version of the long, slender gadget comes equipped with a ‘slider’ that extinguishes the bowl when you’re done smoking it.

“When people first see The Genius Pipe, they don’t know what it is. We kind of like that because it allows the person in the store to educate the customer,” says Butz. “It just becomes a conversation piece after that.”

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The pipes come in a range of customizable colors and designs. You can even get one featuring the likeness of Tommy Chong, who recently partnered with the brand for his Chong’s Choice line.

“It’s an overall better experience,” says Butz of the pipe as a whole. “There are a lot of options out there but the Genius Pipe kind of brings it all together. It has the technology, the look, and the flash.

“With all the technology popping up and the race being so competitive, it’s nice to put something out there that’s really grassroots but still offers something to the techie [consumer].”

Genius Pipes start at $50 and can be shipped internationally.


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