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Make Your Curly Hair Look Insanely Sexy (As Opposed To Just Insane)

Curly hair can be either a blessing or a curse, depending on what you do with it: look no further than the Kit Haringtons of the world versus the Carrot Tops. If you're determined to stop fighting the hair God gave you and ride the wave, here are five tips to making curly hair your unique selling point, as opposed to the mane of your existence.

1. Acceptance

No buzz cuts, and - heaven forbid - no hair straighteners. Sex appeal is 90 percent self-confidence, which means the first step to making curly hair look good is to believe it looks good. No self-respecting person should feel compelled to go super-shot because they aren't sure how to deal with their natural assets.

2. Get the right comb

An eye for fine detail detail is good; however, going through your hair with a fine-toothed comb is a death sentence for natural curls. "Not only will they make your hair look like a teased-out mess, but they'll also pull on the follicle, which can lead to [permanent hair loss] down the line," writes GQ's Stephen J. Praetorius. Less-destructive detangling options include wide-toothed combs and boar-bristle brushes; however your fingers are fine styling tools for all but the longest, Fabio-like lengths. Keep it simple.

3. Say no to shampoo

No wonder Jon Snow looks so good while he's stuck out beyond The Wall. Lots of dudes lather up daily out of habit. But, unlike the straight-haired brethren, men with curly hair don't need to bother with shampooing every day. In fact, according to the site Manly Curls, "conventional shampoos used on a daily basis are one of the worst things you can do to your curly hair," drying out and wrecking the curl pattern. Start by skipping shampoo every other day, then more often depending on when it starts to look greasy. Curly hair is naturally dry. All shampoo does is obliterate its natural oils.

4. Say yes to conditioner

As you're dialling back your use of shampoo, it's time kick up the conditioning a notch. Since the default condition of curly hair is dehydration, it needs a little extra help in the moisture department. "Use the matching conditioner to your shampoo or the curl-specific formulas from another top brand for curls," according to Men's Hairstyle Trends. Wet your hair and leave the conditioner in for about two minutes before rinsing it off; use right after the rare days you shampoo, ideally with a ultra-hydrating product designed specifically for dudes, like Aveda Men Pure Formance.

5. Use the right goo

A little styling product goes a long way toward making sure you don't need to worry about what's going on up there. For thick, or coarse curly hair, Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream or Kérastase Nutritive Crème Oléo Relax Slim both involve basically mussing a dime-sized dab of stuff through your hair with your hand, and then bam, done for the day.

h/t GQ.


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