Cultivation Is the Hottest Job in Cannabis

The cannabis industry is booming across North America as more states in America legalize marijuana and the entire country of Canada is set to do so later this year. But it appears one job in the industry is slightly more desirable than others.

According to a report from Cannabis at Work, the salaries for marijuana cultivators in Canada is growing faster than other jobs in the industry. Positions such as cultivation manager, quality assurance, cultivation technician and processing assistant saw their average salaries increase by around 14 percent last year

So why are cultivators suddenly making more money? It's a simple labor shortage. There aren't enough skilled cultivators in the industry, and as the industry continues growing, cultivators are becoming even more in-demand. So when a job is in high demand with a low supply of qualified candidates, cultivators end up with higher salaries.

The report from Cannabis at Work also found that positions such as accounting or human resources in the cannabis industry actually saw their wages dip last year. In the past, those positions were also in high demand in the industry since many people qualified for those positions looked for work elsewhere due to the stigma associated with cannabis. But now that the industry is more mainstream, there isn't the same stigma, so it's not as difficult to attract those types of workers anymore.

So if you're looking to get into the cannabis industry and also want to make a good chunk of change, you should look into cultivation.

(h/t ICBC)


Cannabis legalization does not lead to increased use by young people, according to a federally funded study. In fact, legal states have seen underage consumption decrease since repealing prohibition. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has released the latest iteration of the regular Monitoring the Future survey, evaluating the drug habits of American eighth, tenth and twelfth graders.