It should have been a slam dunk - a cover story about a rally for women's rights set for the day after Donald Trump's inauguration. But along the way, something went very, very wrong: 

is this some kind of record for largest typo

— Sam Thielman (@samthielman) January 5, 2017 ">http://

That's right - the graphics department at The Washington Post Express used the wrong symbol on its cover. The cover was quickly fixed, but it got us thinking about magazine covers that will make you facepalm. Here are ten of the cringeworthiest.  

10. Mega Magazine and the Curse of the Phantom Hand

fashion photoshop fail 08 L.png

9. Fiction by Hemingway and Fitzgerald, Cover by Satan.


8. Ow, My Retinas! (Extra Points For The Comic Sans MS)


7. What Is Wrong With Sarah Michelle Gellar's Arm?


6. Nothing like a day at the beach with your VR Headset.

palmer time magazine cover funny

5. Did Soul Asylum melt together?

rs nov9 soulasylum

4. Mega Man looks ill...


3. Word of Advice: A noose might not be the right choice for your golf magazine.


2. You don't need to be THAT literal, New York Times Magazine...

planet hillary final 2

1. Actually, this cover is pretty great.