Crime Stoppers President Busted for Illegal Marijuana Grow

The former president of a Crime Stoppers organization in Canada was recently arrested and charged with production of a controlled substance after his marijuana grow operation was raided by police.

Crime Stoppers is an organization where members of the community work together to report crimes, similar to a neighborhood watch. They also raise money to offer as rewards for tips that lead to the arrest of criminals. Dino Cabalfin first began working with the Central Okanagan Crime Stoppers in 2011 and became president in 2014. This past April, Cabalfin's home was raided by police officers where they discovered him operating an illegal marijuana grow operation. They then recommended he be charged with production of a controlled substance.

The current president of the Central Okanagan Crime Stoppers did not comment on Cabalfin's arrest, but said the board is in the process of building awareness for the organization and raising funds to help give rewards for crime tips.

There's no indication that Cabalfin's marijuana grow operation was discovered after a tip from a Crime Stoppers supporter, but that would definitely be a delicious twist of irony


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