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Video of a Couple Watching Helplessly as Their Cruise Ship Leaves Without Them Goes Viral

When going on a cruise, the number one biggest fear is that the ship could sink. The second biggest fear is that thing that happened a few years ago when the cruise ship stopped moving and the people were stranded at sea and all the toilets stopped working. But the third biggest fear is that the cruise ship will leave you behind at one of your destinations. And that third one happened to one unfortunate couple recently.

A video is going viral of a couple who were stranded in the Bahamas after their Royal Caribbean cruise left port without them. Passengers on the cruise were told to get back to the boat by 3:30, and that the boat would be taking off right at 4:15. This unfortunate couple arrived five minutes after the ship began leaving, and were forced to watch as their cruise ship just sailed away with them stuck in the Bahamas. Here's the video:

Luckily, we're guessing the passengers probably had all their important things like their wallets and phones on them at the time, so they probably weren't 100 percent stranded on the Bahamas. But still, that's got to be one of the worst feelings imaginable.

(h/t Nine)


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