Couple Finds 65 lbs. of Marijuana in Amazon Order

Usually the only bonus you get when you make an Amazon order is that it might arrive before it's supposed to. But for one Florida couple, an ordinary order on the online retailer led to them receiving a massive amount of marijuana.

An engaged couple living in Orlando, Florida made a normal order of storage bins on Amazon recently. However, the couple noticed something strange when the bins arrived. Namely, they were much heavier than four empty storage bins should've been. They opened up the bins and found about 65 pounds of marijuana inside.

The couple immediately contacted the police who began an investigation. They determined that the bins originated from an Amazon shipping facility up in Massachusetts before being sent to Florida by UPS. 

The receivers of the unknown marijuana package reached out to Amazon hoping to receive an answer as to how the heck this happened. The company sent them a $150 gift card and said that's all they could do at this time. Amazon says they are working with law enforcement to figure out how this happened.

Are we sure Amazon didn't deliberately put the marijuana in the bins to drive sales for the site? Maybe they thought there would be a bunch of stoners who would start buying random storage bins hoping to get lucky with a surprise cannabis package. Don't put that past Amazon!

(h/t ABC 6)


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