County Governments Across the United States Call for Marijuana Legalization

When it comes to marijuana legalization, most people only focus on the state and federal levels. But it turns out maybe we should take our counties a little more seriously.

The National Association of Counties (NACo) adopted a new plank for their platform that calls on the federal government to allow states to enact their own laws related to marijuana without interference. The organization also called on the federal government to expand banking access for cannabis businesses and to also increase research into the benefits of marijuana.

NACo represents 3,069 county governments across the United States, making it a pretty substantial number of local officials calling on the national government to support states' rights. It also comes one month after the United States Conference of Mayors also called on the feds to remove marijuana from banking restrictions.

Unfortunately NACo doesn't really have any authority, although you'd assume these county officials would head back to their hometowns and begin working on cannabis reform, perhaps by simply decriminalizing the drug at local levels. And maybe these officials will one day run for higher government positions, and actually be able to change things at the federal level.

(h/t Marijuana Moment)


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