New Study Finds High Correlation Between Lack of Religion and Marijuana Use

In some ancient cultures, using marijuana was part of the religious experience. But apparently modern religions consider cannabis to be an eighth deadly sin.

Researchers are Florida State University found a strong correlation between a person's lack of religious involvement and marijuana use. The researchers looked at three criteria: religious salience, religious attendance and health to determine their findings. 

Participants in the study were asked how often they attended religious services, with levels starting at never to more than once a week. They found that as the level of religious attendance increased, it was accompanied by a 13 percent decrease in the likelihood that a person used marijuana. Simply put, the more often people went to church, the less likely they were to use cannabis.

Likewise, they measured religious salience, or how important religion is, for each person. For every level of increased religious salience, there was a 20 percent decrease in the likelihood someone used marijuana. So people who believed religion was important in their lives also were less likely to use cannabis. 

The researchers did find that there was one variable that changed these results: health. Participants who reported they were in poor health were more likely to use marijuana than people of similar beliefs who were in good health.

The researchers noted that religious salience and attendance are decreasing in the United States, and that if that trend continues, there will also be an increase in people who use cannabis.

And you'd think these people would be into burning bushes.

(h/t Florida State University)


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