Cops Confirm: Marijuana Isn’t An Ingredient In Wendy’s Burgers

A routine traffic stop quickly turned into an unofficial investigation of the Wendy's menu in Milton, West Virginia.

After pulling over a car on April 13th that had just gone through the drive-thru, police said they smelled marijuana in the vehicle and dispatched a K-9 unit that quickly found the a Baconator.

But the driver insisted that someone at Wendy's put the marijuana in his burger. So police did the only logical thing: they checked the Wendy's menu to see if marijuana was listed as an ingredient.

"When we checked, we did in fact find out that marijuana is not an ingredient on the Baconator," Officer Sean Beckett told WSAZ.

In hindsight, trying to keep a dog from finding marijuana by hiding it between the burger's double decker layers of beef and bacon is like trying to stash breadcrumbs at a bird sanctuary. So it's no wonder the Milton Police Department decided to have fun with this story on Facebook.

For the public's information, hiding marijuana inside a cheeseburger will not keep our K9 from smelling it. Our officers...

Posted by Milton Police Department on Tuesday, April 12, 2016

So far, that post has over 7,000 Facebook likes and nearly eight thousand shares. Some commenters tried to take the side of the busted driver, but it was a failed effort. One user argued that it was wrong to arrest someone for a simple possession offence, and the police agreed. That's why the culprit wasn't taken in.

Another user argued that the citation could severely damage his ability to get a job, but the police weren't convinced.

So if you're going to break the law in Milton, WA, be warned that the police are armed with a scathing sense of humor.


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