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Weed Hangovers: How To Cope

Attention, hungover people: according to Anthony Bourdain and many, many other users, water, weed, and time can be the best thing for a face-searing booze hangover.

But herb can also turn on you if you overdo it. Check out this (admittedly small) study, which tried to "determine whether marijuana smoked in the evening would result in measurable subjective or other behavioral effects the following morning [...] The findings suggest that marijuana smoking can produce residual (hangover) effects the day after smoking [but] the precise nature and extent of these effects, as well as their practical implications, remain to be determined."

While weed hangovers aren't threatening to ruin the American economy or anything, excessive spliffs and bong hits can still cause annoying next-day grogginess, headaches, and sore eyes. Here's how to perk up and proceed with the important other stuff you have to do.

1. Sleep

In a perfect world you would have budgeted enough time to a) hit the sack early or b) sleep in. A good night's shut-eye can mitigate most of the effects of a night of excess - but if you didn't do that, try to reshuffle some other commitments and have a nap. Failing that: Visine will help ease the itch in your sleepy little eyes.

2. Replenish water, caffeine, and vitamins

The old trick for drinkers is pocket your beer bottle caps, then drink a corresponding number of glasses of water the next day. The formula is a little less exact with weed - but it's safe to say washing down a multivitamin with a minimum of three large, cold glasses of water and a shot or two of espresso will help kill the headache. Add Asprin as required.

3. Pump up the tunes

Powering through the morning after the night before is 9/10ths a mental game. Blasting your favourite feel-good tunes during a steaming hot shower sets you up for a better day.

4. Eat something delicious

Last night's greasy Chinese food might seem like just the ticket, but don't be fooled: a nice balance of leafy greens and lean protein will help your feel your best in the long run. Eat something clean.

5. Go for a run

Yes, yes, we know. This is the last thing you want to do. But trust us: dragging yourself out for a minimum-30-minute run, or a trip to the gym, or whatever your preferred heart rate-raising activity is, clears out the clouds and lets you live to consume more responsibly another day.


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