Cop on Michigan Marijuana Board Wants to Shut Down All of the State's Dispensaries

You'd think that someone who works on a marijuana regulatory board would either approve of legalized marijuana or at the very least approach the subject with an open mind. But in Michigan, one member of their state's board isn't just opposed to legalization, but wants to shut down all dispensaries as well.

David Bailey is a member of the Michigan State Police and a member of the state's Marijuana Licensing Board. On Monday, Bailey proposed an order to shut down all dispensaries as soon as possible.

To be fair, Bailey's proposal isn't completely baseless. In 2013, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that dispensaries are illegal under the state's medical marijuana law. However many local municipalities passed new laws and regulations that would allow dispensaries to remain in operation despite the court order. This December, a new regulatory framework will go into effect that will allow dispensaries to obtain new licenses at the state level and allow them to operate legally.

Bailey argues that despite city laws that allow dispensaries to operate, all of those currently operating are in violation of state law and need to be shut down immediately. He also argued that dispensaries that are not shut down by September 15th should be prohibited from re-applying for new licenses this December. 

If Bailey's proposal is passed, many of Michigan's dispensaries would be shut down and patients with legal prescriptions for medical marijuana would most likely be forced to go to the black market. 

A police officer shutting down legal dispensaries and forcing people to illegally purchase drugs? Yeah, that seems much better than what they have now.


The fight to legalize cannabis nationwide should begin by helping veterans get access to medical marijuana, according to Massachusetts Representative - and 2020 presidential candidate - Seth Moulton (D). Right now, vets can't use medical marijuana without the risk of losing their Veteran's Affairs benefits, even if they live in a state that has legalized medicinal cannabis. In fact, so much as mentioning cannabis use to their doctor is enough for a vet to get their benefits stripped.

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