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Cop Charged For Walking Off With Marijuana Is Just A 'Lazy Police Officer,' Argues Lawyer

The Canadian police officer who walked off with an ounce of marijuana wasn't committing a crime — he was just a "lazy police officer," according to his lawyer. Last year, Constable Robert Cumming of Calgary, Alberta was given a backpack containing pot by undercover officers, but instead of turning it in, he brought it home with him.

What he didn't know was that the hand-off was part of a sting operation. Surveillance officers were watching while he took the bag home and placed in the garbage can in the alley behind his house before retrieving it later on and bringing it inside. Cumming faces charges for breach of trust, theft under $5,000 and possession of a controlled substance for the offence.

But his lawyer says Cumming's not a crook, he was just too lazy to spend 90 minutes filling out the paperwork required to log the backpack at his district office. "He admits he didn't follow procedure," defence lawyer Paul Brunnen said. "He's guilty of a breach of regulations."

His phone records tell a different story, though. Anti-corruption officers have found a suspicious text conversation between Cumming and former partner Constable Bryan Morton, who is also under investigation for corruption. During the conversation, the two seemed to discuss using evidence as their own personal stash. Referring to a chat he'd had with his fiancee, Morton wrote, "I told her it was prolly weed that you took that was to be booked in because I've done that before."

Cumming later replied, "If nobody ever sees me I have plausible deniability."

But in court, Cumming said that conversation was actually about toking at a party, not stealing evidence. So to recap, Cumming is trying to defend himself by using the lazy cop stereotype and admitting that he does smoke weed, just not the specific stash that he was caught with. Sounds like he should transfer to Chief Wiggum's police department from The Simpsons

h/t CBC


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