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Here Is the Coolest Cannabis Tech Shown Off at MJBizCon

As the cannabis industry becomes more and more legitimate in many people's eyes, that also means there's more and more innovation occurring. And at one conference, the cannabis industry was able to get a glimpse into its future.

Today is the last day of the Marijuana Business Daily Conference, known as the MJBizCon, a conference to show off the latest trends and technology in the cannabis industry. And this year's conference featured some of the coolest new tech ever for the industry.

One piece of technology shown off was called CannVerify. It's essentially a holographic label with a serial number marijuana dispensaries would put on their products, and consumers would then scan the label and see if the product is in a cannabis database. This would ensure that the product is not counterfeit.

A Massachusetts company called Bloom Automation showed off a robot that can automate the cannabis trimming process. Using "computer vision and a machine learning algorithm," whatever that means, the robot would be able to trim cannabis quicker and more cheaply than humans. So on one hand that would help increases profits for cannabis companies, but it would take away opportunities for some people to enter the industry. But that's the classic dilemma with automation in any industry.

A Toronto-based company called Braingrid introduced a greenhouse sensor that would analyze climate data and provide suggestions to cultivators on how to improve their cannabis harvests.

Perhaps the most interesting tech was "smart inhaler" made by Resolve Digital Health. Users will be asked to rate their pain and other conditions before and after they use the inhaler to consume cannabis. The data would then be sent to Resolve. The idea is that the inhaler would allow Resolve to show with quantifiable data the effects of marijuana use.

No word yet on when we'll be able to vape in virtual reality.

(h/t The Verge)


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