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Contestants Barely Miss Out on Winning $1 Million on 'Wheel of Fortune'

Wheel of Fortune” is a TV game show that has been played for nearly 50 years, featuring word puzzles similar to those used in Hangman, to win cash and prizes by spinning a giant wheel. For years, contestants have gone home with huge sums of money and prizes, surprising both themselves and fans across the United States with their luck. Unfortunately, many contestants have also gone home with smaller sums of money, and some have even lost out on their chances of winning millions by simply choosing the wrong letters.

Most recently, “The Wheel of Fortune” premiered a special Disney World episode as part of “Grandparents Week”. Among the contestants were Frank and his granddaughter Laurel, who missed out on huge winnings when they received a final puzzle in the “Food & Drink” category. With only 10 seconds and five letters to solve the puzzle, Frank guessed “Fried Zucchini”, which was close to the real answer, “Baked Zucchini”. Frank then nearly collapsed when Pat Sajak opened the envelope revealing that they would’ve won $1 million. Even though they didn’t win $1 million, Frank and Laurel didn’t go home empty handed.


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