Consuming Cannabis Together Could Boost the Intimacy of Your Relationship

Smoking up with your significant other might lead to more intimate experiences, says a new study.

A number of recent studies have suggested that cannabis can improve sex, particularly for women. But, what exactly cannabis does for couples on a more emotional level is not as well-known.

However, a new study shows that couples who enjoy cannabis together may be more primed for "an interaction or meaningful conversation with [their] partner that involved intimacy, love, caring, or support."

The study involved asking 183 married or cohabiting couples track their marijuana use over the course of 30 days. Researchers found that when couples consumed together, they were more likely to have intimate experiences than when they didn't consume.

"Simultaneous marijuana use (male and female partners reported use at the same hour) increased the likelihood of an intimate experience for both men and women," the study authors wrote.

Additionally, the couples reported increased intimacy even when only one person had been consuming. This particular finding goes against past research that shows when only one person in a couple consumes drugs it can cause stress in the relationship. The authors suggested this may have to do with the fact that both partners are regular cannabis consumers.

Intimacy was not increased when one of the partners wasn't present, though. So smoking up probably won't do much for your sexting game.

However, if you and your partner are looking to bring a little more intimacy into your day-to-day conversations, sharing a joint might just help you get there.

h/t Marijuana Moment


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