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Conservative MP Reads Anti-Pot Poem In House Of Commons, Sounds Like Prohibitionist Dr. Seuss

As Canada and its Liberal Party get ever closer to legalizing cannabis, cannabis opponents have been working equally hard to slow the proceedings down. 

Recently, we have had a Conservative Party MP equate cannabis to fentanyl, and an Alberta politician warn that legalization will bring about a bloody Communist revolution.

But the oddest thus far might be from Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu - who, you may recall, cautioned Canadians that "little Johnny" can put weed "in the toaster oven and smoke it up". On Friday, Ms. Gladu read an anti-cannabis poem in the House of Commons. 

The transcript of the poem, via, is below.

Mr. Speaker,
I want to protest an ill-thought out bill 
That is passing through Parliament here on the Hill
The bill that is bad is called C-45 
It has so many flaws it just shouldn't survive
The Grits will allow four pot plants in each dwelling
Regardless of how bad each place will be smelling
With mould, ventilation as issues unplanned
This bill will not keep pot from our children's hands
There are more new infractions within this new rule 
That our courts will be flooded, as will every school
With drug-impaired driving and challenges there
The doubling of traffic deaths and Liberals don't care
The provinces and the police in every town 
Have all asked the Liberals to slow this bill down
With nearly 200 more days left til the day
Nobody but our party stands in the way
We hope that the Senate will do its true deed
And keep our great country safe from all the weed.

It's, uh, not exactly 'Howl.'

Aspiring poets, give us your pro-cannabis responses in the comments. 


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