Conservative MP Equates Fentanyl With Cannabis, Calls Home Growing 'Wacky' And 'Dangerous'


Even though there's no shortage of evidence that fentanyl and related opioids are much, much more deadly than cannabis (whose death toll currently remains at zero - just ask the DEA!) - politicians still try and equate the two. 

The latest attempt comes from Canadian Conservative party MP Peter Kent, who made the following comments in the House of Commons this week, while discussing growing marijuana plants at home:

Kids today will learn from one another, when it’s legal, despite the age... the allowable age to consume, kids are going to harvest leaves, kids are going to experiment, and i think what were doing… it’s virtually the same as putting fentanyl on a shelf within reach of kids.

"Virtually the same". In the same way having a ladybug land on your arm is "virtually the same" as being hit by a Volkswagen Beetle.

But wait! There's more. Kent went on:

Having plants in the homes is just as wacky, it’s just as unacceptable, its just as dangerous for Canadian society.

I'm sure medical marijuana patients would object to the term "wacky".

It's unclear whether this is cynicism or ignorance on Kent's part, but it's worth remembering that fellow Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu thinks that you can get high using a toaster oven, so...

Anyway, you can check Kent's comments below - followed by a much-needed corrective from BC radio hosts Steele & Drex.

h/t Global News


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