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Connecticut Governor Expected to Call for Legalizing Marijuana in His First Budget Address

In his upcoming budget address, newly elected Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont is expected to support an initiative many marijuana advocates will like.

Lamont is expected to endorse legalizing recreational marijuana in his first budget address tomorrow. Connecticut's state budget is currently facing a deficit, and Lamont has pledged not to raise the state's income or sales tax. That means Lamont is trying to find alternative methods for raising revenue, which is why he will be pushing to legalize recreational marijuana.

In addition to legalizing marijuana, Lamont is expected to endorse legalizing sports gambling, introducing a soda tax and other taxes on tobacco, alcohol and vaping products.

Unfortunately, Lamont isn't in a very powerful position right now. Last week the newly elected governor announced that he supports introducing tolls for cars and trucks, something he pledged not to do while on the campaign trail. So needless to say, many people are unhappy with him and he may lack some support from state legislators.

Or perhaps this toll controversy will be a good thing for Lamont. Soda taxes and car tolls are generally unpopular with voters. However marijuana legalization is popular. So perhaps the Connecticut legislature will legalize marijuana instead of adopting more unpopular solutions to fixing its budget deficit.

(h/t Hartford Courant)


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