Candidate For Connecticut Governor Says He'll Legalize Marijuana if Elected

With the midterm elections a little over a month away, many people are wondering how much marijuana will be a factor. And at least in the state of Connecticut, it could definitely play a role.

The Democratic candidate for governor in Connecticut Ned Lamont is doubling down on his support for recreational marijuana. Lamont is framing his argument as  way for the state to increase revenues and help fix its current budget crisis. He also notes that with neighboring Massachusetts legalizing marijuana, Connecticut residents will simply cross the border for cannabis. So it's not like keeping marijuana illegal will prevent people from still finding other legal means to obtain it.

“If I win, I’ll have the wind at my back,’’ Lamont said. "I’ll say we have a budget crisis, and more importantly, Massachusetts legalized [marijuana], and they’re driving across the border.’’

Lamont estimates that Connecticut could generate between $150 million and $200 million if the state legalizes both recreational marijuana and sports betting.

Lamont is currently leading in polls in the Connecticut Governor's race, although most show him with only around a five point lead and a large number of voters still undecided. His opponent, Republican Bob Stefanowski, does not currently oppose legalizing recreational marijuana, but says he could be open to it at some point. 

(h/t Hartford Courant)


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