Congressman Calls Jeff Sessions' Marijuana Policies a 'Stupid Waste of Federal Resources'

Attorney General Jeff Sessions does not have many supporters, particularly amongst the pro-marijuana crowd. But it turns out he doesn't have too many friends in Congress either.

After media reports came out suggesting that Sessions was considering changing Obama administration rules preventing the federal government from cracking down on legal marijuana states, one Congressman called the Attorney General out on Twitter. Specifically, he called this idea a "stupid waste of federal resources."

Ted Lieu is a Democrat who represents California's 33rd Congressional District, which is basically the western part of Los Angeles County. Lieu has made quite a name for himself in recent months on social media for repeatedly calling out President Trump and other Republicans for attempting to institute policies and laws that will hurt the United States. But this appears to be one of the first times Lieu has called out the administration for their marijuana policies.

Of course, even if Sessions decides to go through with a crackdown, there may not be much available to him. Current laws prevent the Department of Justice from using resources to prosecute legal marijuana businesses. But those rules are set to expire in a couple of weeks, and that may allow Sessions to get off his leash and finally wage his war on marijuana that he's always wanted.

But if more people like Lieu continue to see the idiocy behind those policies, then it's likely those regulations will stay in place.


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