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Congressional Cannabis Caucus Co-Chair is Optimistic About Marijuana Legalization in Near Future

The Republican co-chair of Congress' Cannabis Caucus says he's optimistic about the future of marijuana legalization.

Ohio Republican Dave Joyce is the co-chair of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus. In a new interview, Joyce reveals that he believes Congress will pass laws in the near future to protect states that legalize marijuana. Joyce believes that the Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States Act, also known as the STATES Act, will pass in the near future. The bill would prevent the federal government from interfering in states that legalize marijuana.

Joyce spent more than two decades as a prosecutor in Ohio before joining Congress. He says through his experience, he's learned not to believe the many myths about marijuana being a gateway drug, and that he believes it should not be classified as a Schedule I controlled substance.

The ironic thing about Joyce's optimism is that it's a result of his own party losing in the 2018 November elections. Even Joyce admits that Democrats taking control of key House committees will remove previous roadblocks to cannabis legislation that were present when Republicans controlled them. It's almost like he's acknowledging his party is out-of-touch with the American people on this issue.



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