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Several Members of Congress Are Drumming Up Support to Attack Sessions' Marijuana Policies

After Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced his decision to rescind the Cole Memo, many politicians spoke out defending state's with legal marijuana laws. And now there's not one, but two different letters being circulated in Congress to protest Sessions' actions.

A group of congressional representatives from Colorado sent a letter to Sessions asking him to reverse his decision on the Cole Memo. The letter is signed by three Democrats and one Republican, and asks the Attorney General to not go after states where the voters have already made up their mind on the issue. Here is part of the letter:

We represent a state that posed the question of marijuana legalization to its voters not once, but twice. Voters first approved the use of medical marijuana and subsequently, our constituents approved its use for adult recreational use. The citizens of Colorado have spoken on this issue. We believe we are obliged to heed their decision. Further, all the laws and regulations put in place governing the use of marijuana in our state clearly restrict it to a matter internal to the state of Colorado.

We strongly urge the Department to reinstate the Cole Memorandum in order to ensure the Department is acting to uphold the will of Colorado voters and the rights of the states to regulate intrastate commerce.

One of the congressman behind this letter, Democrat Jared Polis, is also working on a separate letter to Congress asking them to add an amendment to the upcoming federal government funding bill that would protect states with legal marijuana laws. The amendment would be similar to the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment, but it would also specifically protect states with legalized recreational marijuana, something the other amendment does not do.

Unfortunately, Sessions believes marijuana is as dangerous as heroin, so this is not a guy who can be convinced by rational arguments or evidence.

(h/t Jared Polis)


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