Cannabis Edibles And Concentrates Boost The Oregon Market

Since recreational cannabis shops in Oregon started selling edibles and concentrates earlier this month, some dispensaries are already seeing sales increase between "20 and 40 percent," according to local news outlets.

For the first eight months of legal recreational cannabis in Oregon, dispensaries were only permitted to sell bud. Still, according to data from the State Legislative Revenue Office, the state collected $15-million in revenue. This exceeded projections for the entire year by $13-million - between January and May alone.

The market opened up even wider June 2, when edibles, concentrates, and topicals became available for legal sale in Oregon. While concentrates seem to be primarily responsible for the growth in sales since then, edibles are expected to catch up.

Currently, unlike medical edibles, recreational edibles can't contain more than 15 milligrams of THC per serving - a rule which, according to some budtenders, prompts many customers to choose more potent delivery methods.

As Jennifer Morse, a budtender at 420 Club, told local news station KEZI, "People aren't too stoked on the edible rules but I'm hoping that they're working on those."

While the lightweight edibles might not be a massive revenue generator in the legal rec market - yet - they beat the alternative: people eating too much and freaking out. And, if the first eight months are any indication, sales of cannabis products will continue strong, regardless of the strength of the medicated goodies.

h/t KEZI.


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