Comedian Conan O'Brien just endorsed Seth Rogen as the face of recreational marijuana in America. While chatting last Friday with actor Josh Hutcherson (the star of Rogen's Hulu series 'Future Man'), O'Brien took a moment to say how impressed he is with Rogen's ability to smash stoner stereotypes by being both a hard worker and a hard toker.

"It doesn't feel like he's impaired in any way," Conan said. "He's one of those people who's almost an argument for smoking marijuana. He's a very good writer, producer, actor and it doesn't feel like his pot smoking gets in the way of any fashion."

Praising Rogen's responsible cannabis use made Hutcherson a bit squeamish though. "That's not a good message to be saying on television," he said.

But that only made Conan double down on his endorsement. "All I'm saying is that he only seems to become more successful, the more pot he smokes," Conan said over Hutcherson's protests. "That's the only thing I'm trying to say....His mind gets sharper."

Check out the full clip below.