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Conan O'Brien's Best Marijuana Moments

Conan O'Brien - who turns 53 today - has frequently turned to marijuana to get laughs over his 20-plus years as a late-night talkshow host. Here's a sampling of his best marijuana moments with surprising guests including Martha Stewart and Larry King.

1. The Pot Piñata

To help a staff member get her driver's license, Conan rented a student-driver car in January to show her the ropes of getting around Los Angeles. But things went awry when they picked up Kevin Hart and Ice Cube and took a detour on a mission to buy enough marijuana to stuff into a piñata. Seriously.

They eventually ended up at a medical marijuana dispensary, where Conan bought some medicated Sour Patch Kids and learned what a "prison wallet" was.

2. Billy Connolly's biblical joint

"Well, it was the 60s, you know," Billy Connolly said in a 2012 interview, when recounting why he and folk legend Gerry Rafferty once rolled a joint using pages from the Book of Revelation.

"You know, the 60s doesn't just explain everything," Conan told the Scottish comedian, who added that there weren't any rolling papers around when he resorted to using the bible. Check out the full explanation below.

3. Larry King and Conan split a pot brownie

"The only problem with Snoop Dogg," Larry King told Conan at the beginning of a 2014 interview. "When you're with Snoop Dogg for any period of time...he proves that you can get second-hand smoke because you go home high."

The former CNN host also revealed that he used to puff until the late 1980s, when he suffered a heart attack and gave up cigarettes as well as joints. Conan thought that was a shame, so he offered his guest a pot brownie, which King split with Conan and Andy Richter.

4. Martha Stewart's cannabis décor

"I found some greens growing on my property, and I wanted to see what you could do with it," Conan said as he dumped out a bag of marijuana on Martha Stewart's craft table during a taped segment from 2002.

"I think it's something called cannabis sativa," the home-decorating icon said as she inspected the plants, which they would use in a topiary contest. Conan made a Christmas wreath out of his plants while Stewart sculpted hers into a sativa Statue of Liberty.

5. The DEA enlists bugs in the War on Drugs

No homage to Conan would be complete without a shoutout to longtime sidekick Andy Richter, who once predicted that federal narcotics agents would ramp up the War on Drugs by breeding cannabis-destroying locusts.


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