This Company Will Pay You To Travel Around The Country Eating Barbecue

Everyone wishes they could quit their jobs and go do something super simple like eat all day. But now a new job opening will let you do exactly that.

Reynolds Wrap is offering a position for a Chief Grilling Officer. Whoever gets the job will be paid $10,000 for two weeks and they'll get an all-expenses paid trip across the country eating the best barbecue food in America. 

So, basically the best two weeks of anyone's life.

All you need to do to apply for the job is take a picture of your best grilled food at home and write 100 words or less about why you're the best candidate for the job. 

Of course, the position isn't just eating barbecue all day. You'll be required to post tips, techniques and advice about grilling that you learn during your two week adventure.

And you won't even need to quit your job! Just take two weeks off, make a quick 10k, then come back to work knowing that every lunch you have the rest of your life won't compare to your incredible two week adventure.

I actually shouldn't even be writing about this, because I'm probably just going to make it harder for me to get the position!

(h/t Reynolds Wrap)


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