COMIC: Other Video Games Developed By The Vatican

Last month, Fundación Ramón Pané - a Catholic evangelical organization - made a play for young worshippers by releasing Follow JC Go, a Pokémon Go clone that allows players to collect saints and Bible characters. As the BBC notes, while the game wasn't developed by the Vatican, the Pope is apparently a big fan.

This got us to thinking: What if the Catholic Church continues to recruit people via video games? Our cartoonist Brandon Hicks offers a glimpse of what that might look like...

Civilized Catholic 2


US Surgeon General Jerome Adams said the biggest risk to your health in America is stigma. During a lecture at UC Davis Medical School on Monday, Adams took sometime to talk about what he sees as the biggest health crisis in America right now: stigma. In particular, the public sentiments around addiction and drug use cause huge barriers that often mean people don't get the medical attention they need.

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