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Comedic Duo Jason Mewes & Kevin Smith Will be Crashing this Year's Emerald Cup as "Jay & Silent Bob"

Gracing the Harvest Stage, presented by Civilized - the official media partner of The Emerald Cup this year - will be the comical duo Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith, better known together as Jay & Silent Bob. The iconic pair have made history around the world, starring in their fictional roles at venues like The Hollywood Improv to record their podcast Jay & Silent Bob Get Old, as well as in films like Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Clerks 2, and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.

Having been ranked number one on iTunes Comedy podcasts, Mewes and Smith are at once hilarious, yet poignant, offering insight into what it's like growing up in Hollywood's gaze, and in Mewes' case, staying sober on top of it.

In fact, the podcast — performed in front of a live audience and released for free on — began, in part, as a means of keeping Mewes accountable for his sobriety. "Kevin and I have been doing the podcast for I believe almost eight years now," he told Civilized. "It seemed like fun. I wanted to do a podcast, and at that point I had just gotten sober. I had been sober for almost four years and relapsed, so when Kevin asked me why I thought I relapsed, I'd said that things had been going good, but I wasn't going to meetings and I wasn't accountable to anyone. He said, 'Why don't we talk about that on the podcast and you'll be accountable to the people listening to the show?'"

Even so, the duo have acted in character as a couple pot dealers, trying to sell cannabis outside at convenience store in the Clerks films. "I'm all about cannabis," Mewes said, though he doesn't consume anymore. "When [Kevin and I] first started hanging out, I was around 16 and started smoking, and used to try to get Kevin to smoke," he recounted.

Mewes and Smith's comedic chemistry goes all the way back to Highlands, New Jersey, where they went to high school together, although a few years apart. Mewes says he never fathomed that their shared public persona, via the podcast and on-camera appearances, would become as big as it is today.

"We talk about stuff that's happened, give everybody how many days sober I have, tell funny stories, and check in with each other," he said. "It was something smaller that we started and turned into something awesome."

To learn how to attend this years The Emerald Cup Click HERE.

Photo credit: Adam Shane


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