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WATCH: Comedian Jim Jefferies Rides Along With Amsterdam Police

Ah, Amsterdam, that lawless haven of Europe, known for its relaxed attitude towards pot, its infamous Red Light District, and being the go-to stag party destination.

In a recent episode of his Comedy Central series, comedian Jim Jefferies visited the Dutch capital for a ride along with the local police to see what kind of crazy crimes they have to put up with in the notoriously permissive city.

Watch the video below before we get into major spoiler territory discussing what happens in the clip.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing happened.  

The police car circles the city for hours without a single call. Jefferies underscores the video with his personal rendition of 'Bad Boys,' essentially pointing out that 'Cops: Amsterdam' would probably be the most boring show ever.

In fact, the area has become such a tourist-friendly location, that local officials are now attempting to reverse the 'Disneyfication' of the city by hiking taxes and clamping down on Airbnb. In all honesty, a section full of pot shops and sex workers would make a pretty interesting addition to Epcot.  

The video ends with Jefferies asking the police to wait outside as he enters a “coffeeshop” and leisurely smokes a joint. As the police point out in the video, the plant isn’t exactly legal in the city, but given that it usually designated to private establishments, they "accept it."

After Canada’s recent move to legalize marijuana, many have begun derisively referring to Canada as “the new Amsterdam.” This probably will not be the case. But judging by this video alone, that may not be the worst designation in the world.


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