Indianapolis Colts Release Linebacker After Marijuana Arrest

The controversy was most pronounced in the weeks immediately preceding the biggest sporting event of the season when Chandler Jones apologized for his use of synthetic weed. But all season long - right up until the Super Bowl - the message as clear to the NFL from former players and others - the league's prohibition of marijuana is dangerous to those who play the game and needs to end.

But at least one team, the Colts, doubled down this week on a strong prohibitionist position, and suggested they released linebacker Jonathan Newsome because of a recent marijuana arrest.

The arrest came following multiple trips by the local police in Zionsville, Indiana, to Newsome's apartment for noise complaints.

The now former Colts Linebacker, for his part, was gracious in his departure, tweeting:

Fan response has mostly been understanding, positive, and frustrated with the state of prohibition both in the league and in the state itself.

We were left wondering what Chicago Bears legend and medical marijuana advocate Jim McMahon would think of this episode, but we'll leave the final word to Twitter user @whodoiowe who responded to Newsome's earlier tweet about God and his plan thusly:

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If passed, a new bipartisan bill filed in the House of Representative this week would automatically seal some federal marijuana convictions. On Tuesday, Representatives Lisa Blunt Rochester (D-DE) and Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA) introduced a new piece of legislation titled the Clean Slate Act. Under the new bill, individuals with federal cannabis convictions will automatically have their records sealed one year after they have completed their sentence.

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