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Group Drops Fight For THC Limits, Stricter Labelling In Colorado

This spring, many in Colorado's legal cannabis industry were dismayed by the efforts of ex-House Speaker Frank McNulty and citizens groups to pass Amendment 139, which was to include things like a strict cap on the potency of products that contained THC, and mandatory labels warning consumers of "identified health concerns," including "increased risk of brain and behavioural problems in babies [...] permanent loss of brain abilities, altered senses and mood swings, impaired thinking."

The Colorado Health Research Council (CHRC) was a vocal critic of the amendment, describing its consequences if passed as "devastating" to Colorado's nascent legal recreational marketing. Amendment 139 would have effectively outlawed as much as 80 percent of cannabis products currently being sold in the state, and all higher-potency products like concentrates - a move which many feared would drive consumers back to the black market.

Fortunately for cannabis consumers in the Evergreen State, it appears that Amendment 139 is "done," as its most vocal backer, Frank McNulty said Friday. McNulty said the CHRC had paid signature-collecting firms not to work with his group, making it impossible to collect the required 98,000 valid signatures needed for it to be approved.

"The 139 opponents went out and bought up some of the most important circulators in the state, and without them we didn't have the ability to get it to the ballot," McNulty McNulty told The Cannabist Friday. "They went out and paid these circulating firms to not circulate petitions for 139."

Members of the CHRC said the group is "thrilled that this misguided assault on patients, consumers, our business and our employees is over."

Cannabis products in Colorado are already tightly regulated: tracked from seed to sale, sold in child-resistant containers, and labeled with a list of all nonorganic pesticides/fungicides/herbicides used to grow it; and any chemicals or solvents used to manufacture concentrates.

It's expected Amendment 139 will be officially withdrawn early this week.

h/t The Cannabist.

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