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Colorado Researchers Are Examining CBD Oil for Dogs

Cannabidiol (CBD) has become an increasingly popular form of medication for many people, and that's led people to also use the cannabinoid to treat their pets. But now a new study will determine just how effective CBD is for treating your dog.

The Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital has begun a new study in how CBD can help treat epilepsy and other seizure conditions in dogs. While many people believe that CBD can help treat conditions in animals in similar ways that it does for humans, there is still very little scientific study on the subject. But this new study could help shed some light on how CBD use in animals is similar or different than in humans.

The veterinarians are specifically looking at how CBD affects dogs with epilepsy due to a lack of good medications for the conditions. While there are effective drugs for treating drugs with the condition, they often have nasty side effects. If CBD can treat epilepsy just as effectively as those medications and without the side effects, it could be a major development for dog owners.

The study currently has 60 dogs enrolled. While it's still in the beginning stages, early results do show that CBD does reduce the number of seizures in some of the dog patients.

Hopefully the dogs don't start getting a case of the munchies, or the researchers are going to end up using all their grant money on treats.

(h/t CBS 4 Denver)


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