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Colorado Republican Upholds Promise to Block Jeff Sessions' Nominees Over Marijuana Policy

When Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced his decision to rescind protections for states with legal marijuana laws, many politicians spoke out against him. But only one has taken actual steps to prevent Sessions' from enacting his agenda.

Last month Colorado Republican Senator Cory Gardner said he would not allow any of Sessions' Department of Justice nominations to be confirmed if the Attorney General did not reverse his recent marijuana decision. And since Sessions has held firm, Gardner has followed through with his promise. 11 Justice Department nominees have been blocked from receiving a Senate floor vote in the past month as a result of Gardner's political maneuvering. There are another 20 nominees that need to be confirmed in the following few months, and many politicians believe Gardner will continue to hold fast.

“It may never resolve itself,” Republican Senator Chuck Grassley said about Gardner and Sessions' feud.

Gardner and Sessions met last month after the decision was made by the Attorney General. The Republican senator was unable to change Sessions' mind, although members of Gardner's staff say they're hopeful that an agreement can be made in the future.

We often see politicians who are in the minority party of Congress attempt to block a presidential administration's nominees for various positions. But this is the rare moment where a member of the majority party is sabotaging nominees from their own party. 

It now comes down to who will blink first. Gardner needs the votes of pro-marijuana Coloradans to win election, so his political life may be dependent on him staying firm on this issue. Meanwhile Sessions will have to determine how far he wants to take his crusade against marijuana when even powerful members of his own party are taking drastic measures to convince him to give up.

(h/t Denver Post)


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