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Colorado Uses Marijuana Revenue to Create 'Sims'-Style Game to Improve Drug Conversations

Since legalizing marijuana, the state of Colorado has used cannabis tax revenue to fund a number of important projects. Schools, homeless shelters, drug rehabilitation programs and many more have received additional resources thanks to legalization. But the latest program may be a little out there.

Peer Assistance is an organization in Colorado that helps people struggling with substance abuse. They recently received $200,000 from the state government to help fund their latest program: a video game. It's called One Degree: Shift the Influence, and it's a Sims-style role playing game where players work through different scenarios trying to help people overcome substance abuse issues.

In one scenario, players help a woman named "Donna" who uses alcohol to cope with stress. Users need to help her find alternative ways to deal with her issues. In another scenario, players assume the role as a co-worker of a man named Jordan who's been partying too much and need to help him focus on saving money and going to college.

Obviously, One Degree is not a video game that's going to rival Call of Duty. It's mostly intended for children or for people who are looking for guidance on how to talk to someone dealing with a substance abuse issue. So even though it isn't the most fun game in the world, it's still a solid educational program offering an important service. 


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