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This Colorado Company Claims It's Made The 'World's First Cannabis-Infused Aphrodisiac'

The ability to unlock bedroom bliss with the help of cannabis has been well documented. The Colorado cannabis company, 1906, has taken that potential to a whole new level.

Deemed the “world’s first cannabis-infused aphrodisiac”, High Love is the low-dose, all-natural edible made with various botanicals “to increase sexual pleasure and drive.”  This may be a reason Colorado is a great place to get married.

“We all consume different things in order to achieve different states, be it a cup of coffee in the morning to get you going or a glass of wine at the end of a long day,” said 1906 founder and CEO Peter Barsoom, a former financier who spent nearly two decades on Wall Street before entering the cannabis space.  

“Our view is that cannabis and other plant medicines can play a really valuable role as an alternative to the alcohol and pharmaceuticals and synthetic substances that people put in their bodies every single day.” 

Each High Love chocolate contains five milligrams of THC and five milligrams of CBD, along with a blend of botanical supplements chosen for their documented history of bedroom benefits, said Barsoom.

“People have been working on aphrodisiacs since time immemorial. And there’s a whole long history of natural substances and plant medicines that have been used as aphrodisiacs across the world,” he said.

That said, creating an effective aphrodisiac is a unique challenge because “there’s a lot of stuff out there that just doesn’t work.”

“It’s a big task because [many things billed as aphrodisiacs] are just hokey pokey and don’t have any real effects, so we wanted to be sure that what we created and put the 1906 name on actually worked in the way specified,” said Barsoom.

With that in mind, High Love’s developers started with the sativa-dominant cannabis strain Blue Dream, which Barsoom calls “generally a great, euphoric strain.” Next up was the process of poring over “100 different potential medicines that could go in there.”

“We spent more than two years evaluating different substances and plant medicines to see what works for both men and women, what doesn’t have any adverse side effects, and what works well with a chocolate,” he said.

The developers landed on six key ingredients – damiana, catuaba, muira puama, yohimbe, vanilla and other natural botanicals – aimed at enhancing mood, stimulation and blood flow.

“We uniquely combined all of these ingredients with the THC and the CBD in a beautiful chocolate that we’ve been getting rave reviews about,” said Barsoom, adding that the most common feedback they receive from customers is that High Love helped rekindle the romance in their relationships.

“I spent 20 years in finance creating products people don’t have any attachment to. Being able to create a product that has a beautiful impact on people’s lives is the most fulfilling thing I could ever ask for.”

You can purchase High Love in dispensaries across Colorado. The company plans to expand into Nevada, California and Massachusetts next year.  


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