Burglars in Colorado Steal Fake Weed When Breaking into Marijuana Dispensary

Marijuana dispensaries are ripe targets for robberies since they often operate as cash only businesses. However one group of burglars were probably pretty disappointment after trying to rob one Colorado cannabis business.

At one a.m. on Wednesday, a group of burglars smashed a minivan through the front door of Native Roots Dispensary in Colorado Springs. The burglars then grabbed everything in the front display of the store, including merchandise and containers with marijuana in them.

Or, at least that's what they thought. It turns out that Native Roots Dispensary doesn't actually keep any marijuana in the display cases for the store. It's all fake products that look like cannabis. The real marijuana is stored in a vault at night.

Native Roots didn't disclose what the fake marijuana is made out of, but some members of the media were reporting that it was most likely oregano.

The robbers did escape in a getaway vehicle, although they'll probably be a little disappointed when they find out the most valuable items they stole were a few t-shirts.

This is actually very similar to The Office episode where Michael Scott tries to frame Toby Flenderson for marijuana possession, but actually buys a salad instead.

So basically these robbers are as smart as Michael Scott. 

(h/t Wichita Eagle)


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